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Unnayan Shamannay (US) is a home-grown Bangladeshi non-profit and non-governmental research organization. However, its operational space is more than research; its building capacity, doing policy advocacy, assist networking and facilitate cultural learning. The members of Unnayan Shamannay have been striving to invigorate and further strengthen private sector initiatives for socioeconomic and cultural development of Bangladesh through a concerted grassroots approach. It is an innovative non-profit research organization of resourceful professionals working in the arena of research and development. It is engaged in quantitative and qualitative research work, training, communication and advocacy, cultural learning and developmental activities. Unnayan Shamannay was conceived in the light of a felt need for an alternative socio-cultural trend, a trend that encompasses the struggle for survival thriving on the creative talent of the people. This trend does not seek to depict the country as poverty-ridden. Rather it seeks to uphold the country as a free and resilient entity, demonstrating creativity and innovation that is inherent in its rich cultural legacy. It attempts to delve into this ingenious force, establish a linkage of the well-endowed heritage to the present and understand the future trend of development in a finer context.

Discussion session on “Bangladesh’s Development Experience and Prospects for Future”

Unnayan Shamannay organized a discussion session on “Bangladesh’s Development Experience and Prospects for Future” with different leading development experts from seven Asian and African developing countries (Bangladesh, Uganda, Tanzania, Libya, Myanmar, South Sudan, Sierra Leon). The academicians and developments practitioners from Bangladesh gave broad overview on the current status and performance of Bangladesh economy. And, the foreign delegates took inputs from discussion and deliberated views regarding progress of their respective countries to date. This meeting was chaired by Dr. Atiur Rahman, Chairperson of Unnayan Shamannay.

                                                                                   Talking Points of Dr. Atiur Rahman

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