1. Understanding the Housing Sector in Bangladesh Market Study
  2. Enabling a Political Economy Discourse for Multi-modal Connectivity in the BBIN Sub-region (M-Connect)
  3. Border Haats Between India and Bangladesh as a tool to reduce informal cross-border trade of agricultural commodities (IBBH)
  4. Macroeconomic Advisory Service to JICA from Unnayan Shamannay
  5. Documentation and Assessment of Financial Innovations of Bank Asia (DAFIBA)

  1. Improving the lives of urban extreme poor (pavement, squatter and undeveloped slum) in Dhaka and Chittagong (ILUEP)
  2. Socio-Economic Impacts of Financial Inclusion through MFIs in Bangladesh
  3. Renewable Energy Development Project
  4. Creating an Enabling and Inclusive Policy and Political Economy Discourse for Trade, Transport and Transit Facilitation in and among Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal (BBIN) and Myanmar-Facilitating implementation and stakeholder buy-in in the BBIN+M sub-region (EPTAF)
  5. Expanding Tradable Benefits of Trans-Boundary Water: Promoting Navigational Usage of Inland Waterways in Ganga and Brahmaputra Basins (IW)
  6. Linkages and impacts of cross-border Informal Trade in Agricultural Inputs in Eastern South Asia (LITA)
  7. Understanding the Quality of Spending in Primary Education Sub-Sector Budget in Bangladesh
  8. Assessment of Proposed Special Economic Zones in Bangladesh for Possible Indian Investment
  9. Policy Research and Advocacy on Effective Decentralization in Bangladesh
  10. Assessing Impact of TMSS Microfinance Programs on the Beneficiaries: Transformation of Eight Year Long Clients
  11. Child Rights Situation Analysis (CRSA)
  12. Strengthening Institutions to Improve Public Expenditure Accountability in Bangladesh
  13. Training of BAMU Officials and Oversight Support to Standing Committee on Agriculture
  14. Policy Paper on Creating 3 Million Jobs in the Next 3 Years (PP-IFC)
  15. Evaluation of Peer Approach in Promoting SRH Education among Young People of Bangladesh