Proposals to be Incorporated in the Manifestos of Political Parties for the 11th National Parliament Election    NCA event on Role of Policy Makers to be held on 19 October    Bangabandhu Memorial Speech by Dr. Atiur Rahman at Bangladesh University Grants Commision on 24 August


Shamunnay is a dynamic non-profit organisation for research and development dedicated to advancing socio-economic research and development in Bangladesh. In our pledge towards sustainable development, the members of Shamunnay, each having a checkered background in the social sciences, are constantly striving to invigorate and enhance initiatives for socio-economic and cultural development through a concerted grass-roots approach. Shamunnay undertakes important activities aimed at attaining socio-economic development of women, children, poor and marginalised groups, vulnerable, physically and mentally challenged people through research, development, social movement, and advocacy. The purpose of Shamunnay is to be a catalyst for the innovative and indigenous approach of development, well being of the people or groups mentioned above through human approach. Shamunnay works in favor of people’s rights and socio-economic development, which in turn will facilitate a sustainable and equitable improvement of life. In the search for social justice, Shamunnay acts as a network of individuals and institutions (including grassroots movements, academia, policy-makers, progressive people and sector, women’s and children’s organizations, organizations working for disabled groups, government and international agencies) working at local and national levels.

Shamunnay Budget Reaction 2016-17

Message from the Chairperson